Offering Legitimate Officiant Certification that Goes Beyond a Piece of Paper! 

Whether you are wanting a part-time and/or a full-time career or you’ve been asked to officiate your best friends wedding, showing up with know-how and confidence is critical for not only you, but the couple. In the end, no one is more “influential” than the officiant. He or she sets the tone, determines the level of excellence and has the ultimate authority over the ceremony. 


I was recently working with an officiant who had been to ministerial school and was still wanting greater knowledge. We had one 3-hour session and afterwards, she looked at me smiling, “You look so happy right now. You love helping people become better wedding officiants…it’s obvious!” I do. I’m truly passionate about it.

One-on-One Training

Get the clarity and confidence you need to make a friend or relative's experience all that it can be or take your officiating from good to great. I offer one-on-one trainings in my office and coach people around the country via Skype. The cost per hour is $125.00 and $29.95 for the "Wedding Day Joys - The Art and Mastery of Officiating" notebook. To receive the notebook, a one hour session is required.

Full-Day Group Training

Spend a full day at the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality in Denver in a small group setting learning my trade secrets! You will receive a 50-page notebook, and my new "Wedding Day Joys - The Art and Mastery of Officiating" notebook chalk full of valuable wedding information for your wedding career. A healthy breakfast and lunch are included.

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