The Most Important Question To Ask About Your Wedding Day

May 5, 2017

December 1987. Portland, Oregon. Heart pounding, hands sweating, red face and squeaky voice, I stood up to officiate my first wedding. The kind and attentive audience consisted of a bride and groom, best man, matron-of-honor, and 3 sleeping dogs. After my first paragraph, I began to relax. By the end of the ceremony, I was hooked.



Now, 30 years and over 1000 weddings later, my love and passion for helping couples walk down the aisle peacefully and joyously continues to be one of my core passions and purpose.

While each one is wonderfully unique, there are common themes and must-knows for every wedding. Whether the wedding is in a cleaned-out garage or a posh country-club, the most common aspect is that all weddings are a culmination of details and decisions.



The most important question any newly engaged couple wants to answer is: “How do we want to feel at our wedding?”



When it is all said and done, the day is over, guests are gone and the two of you are reviewing the day, what do you want to being saying?  ‘The wedding was so…”



How do you want to describe your special day 35 years from now? “I remember our wedding day as…”




Write down together your answers to the following questions and set an intention for your wedding. This will guide you as you make all the important decisions to come and remind you of what’s most important.


  1. What are the feelings and/or qualities we want to express at our wedding ceremony?

  2. How do we want to describe our wedding 35 years from now?

  3. Not as importantly, what do we want people to be saying about our wedding as we drive away.


And not as important, but always present at any wedding, what do you want people to be saying as they drive away?


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